Tip of the week: 3 reasons to get you inspired to blog

By Sadie Wolfe

We’ve all heard it before, and perhaps we have tried once or…a dozen times, but the fact remains: we should blog.

Why are blogs great? Three reasons:

Reason 1:            Blogs keep your business top of mind with your clients

Reason 2:            Blogs demonstrate your writing and editing abilities

Reason 3:            Blogs built into your content marketing strategy can help attract new clients

Why aren’t you already blogging?

Excuse 1:             I’m far too busy

Excuse 2:             I’m not a writer

Excuse 3:             I tried. I failed. Game over

We make time for what matters and what matters is doing what you love, and loving what you do. A big part of your business is identifying your audience and communicating with them regularly. Blogs are a way to communicate to your broader audience all at once, capture updates and share what you’ve been involved with in the community to help support your brand.

You are a writer, or at least, you will be. Make your blog your own. Some blogs are picture heavy – they say a lot with a little, which can actually be more appealing to your audience depending on your business. Starting a blog will help you develop your writing skills and enable you to generate discussion about your business.

Blogging doesn’t come naturally to everyone, for many it takes work, but you can make it your own and if you develop a schedule that is reasonable and consistent, it can be a lot of fun and attract an audience. The point is to stick with it, if you miss a post, don’t sweat it. If you are finding you can’t keep up – remember, you set the schedule, you’re the boss, and if the schedule isn’t working you can change it to one that is more manageable. Start slow and ask your readers for feedback.

Take a look at these three blogs from Hamilton entrepreneurs:

Duo d’Amore

i fiori

The Edit

Each blog communicates their business in a different way: showcasing events, significant changes, and products, and each are updated regularly (weekly or monthly) to keep audiences interested.

Another benefit of having a blog is to help build CASL* compliant mailing lists, nothing says good business like being up-to-date on legislation!

So what are you waiting for? Start blogging! For more tips, be sure to check out the Hamilton HIVE blog regularly.

*CASL: Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation states, “sending of commercial electronic messages without the recipient’s consent (permission), including messages to email addresses and social networking accounts, and text messages sent to a cell phone.”

imageSadie is a full time public relations practitioner who is also busy building thePRlens. A BrockU graduate with a background in Popular Culture and Women Studies, she studied Public Relations at Mohawk College. She’s involved in the Canadian Public Relations Society, the Sherman Hub, and wants to champion your cause by connecting you with her network and promoting your story.

What’s buzzing this week in #HamOnt

By Xanthe Teller

Wednesday July 1– Canada Day celebration at Van Wagner’s Beach
Celebrate Canada Day in the sun on Wednesday at Wild Waterworks! From 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., splash around with friends and family for Canada-themed games, flags, treats and prizes. Contests will be held for participants of all ages. Don’t forget to wear your Canada Day’s best – those in red and white will receive $3.00 off admission all day long. You’re never too old to celebrate your country on a beautiful mid-week summer holiday! Visit for details.

Friday July 3 – Vegetarian community cooking demonstration
Feeling like your regular rotation of dinner dishes has gotten old? Visit the Hamilton Farmers’ Market on Friday between 12:30 to 1 p.m., to reinvigorate your taste buds and experiment with new vegetarian recipes! The event is free to the community, featuring delicious food samples, recipe ideas, and cooking tips, lead by Kate Park. A registered dietician will be available to advise and answer any health-related questions. Contact to inquire or register.

Saturday July 4 – Ottawa Street Farmers’ Market
From now until October 31, shop locally grown produce and other goods on Ottawa street every Saturday between 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. The market is a healthy and cost-effective way to support the community while accomplishing some practical errands. Visit for details.

Saturday July 4 – 5 – FrancoFEST
This arts and culture festival will be free admission, celebrating the Francophone community! Visit Gage Park any time this weekend to indulge in music, activities, food and more. See for more information.

my faceBorn and raised in Hamilton, Xanthe is excited to begin her communications career as the Communications Coordinator for the city’s bike share program, SoBi Hamilton. She strives to promote an healthy living and the sustainable environmental initiatives through partnerships with like-minded organizations in her hometown. In addition to SoBi, Xanthe also works as an assistant coach at Ohso Fitness while working towards a personal training certification.

5 #HamOnt news making a buzz this week

By Heather Murphy.

HHS decides to outsource hospital food service
Hamilton Health Sciences has decided to outsource 100 per cent of its meals to a private company, eliminating the need for the hospital food staff to cook anything. A 10 year contract was given to Compass Group Canada, and the new food system consisting of pre-made, pre-portioned food is set to be implemented in all nine hospitals over the next six to nine months. Union reaction and more on the story here.

Hamilton keen on giant waterslide
Hamilton city council has approved on the necessary road closures to turn the Macklin Street hill into a giant water slide this August. The enormous vinyl Slip-n-Slide is still waiting on the final approval from city risk management, but according to Slide the City spokesperson Mark Gowland, “We’re totally on track. It’s going to happen.” More about the story here. More information on Slide the City here.

Hamilton council votes to continue Canada Post appeal
City council will appeal a Superior Court ruling that struck down a city bylaw to regulate community mailbox installation. Council voted to appeal the decision made by Justice Allan Whitten 10-5 this past Wednesday. The last-minute bylaw was struck down because it “violated the federal jurisdiction of Canada Post,” which is installing mailboxes on the Mountain as part of the plan to end door-to-door service. More on the story here.

Men Without Hats, Psychedelic Furs and Big Wreck headline Festival of Friends
The lineup for Ancaster’s Festival of Friends has been announced, and some major throwback names are among the headlining performers. 80’s legends Men Without Hats and Psychedelic Furs lead the pack, with supporting acts such as Big Wreck, Junkhouse, and SumoCyco. More information on what the weekend has in store can be found here.

HSR driver charged after pedestrian struck by bus
An HSR driver has been charged with careless driving after a city bus struck a 63 year old pedestrian in Dundas on June 8. The driver has not been named, and city staff would not comment on the incident or how the driver’s employment would be affected. Police have set a fine of $400, plus a $90 administration fee and six demerit points, however the charge can be challenged in court. More on the story here.

Heather photo

Heather is a graduate of Niagara College and has completed her post graduate degree in Public Relations at Mohawk College. She interned at the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra this past year and is presently interning with the Toronto Indie Music Awards.