3 Reasons To Meet The Hive

By Heather Murphy.

What’s the buzz about HIVE? I had the opportunity to learn about Hamilton HIVE while interning with one of their member groups. But prior to that, I didn’t know much more beyond their reputation. What I did know was that the best and brightest young professionals in Hamilton had a lot of involvement with the organization. If I wanted to learn, develop and grow with like-minded individuals, HIVE was definitely the avenue for me. So, I joined one of their subcommittees (public relations to be exact), and here I am, taking advantage of a fantastic opportunity to work with many other smart, innovative, young professionals. So, why should you get to know HIVE better?

1) Because there’s something for EVERYONE. – With 23 different member groups and three subcommittees, the HIVE has quickly become the home for Hamilton’s growing young professional class. HIVE is your connection to groups of different industries, such as FUSE, hpoGO, Mohawk Young Alumni Connections and YEP! Hamilton, where young professionals make a change.

2) Because networking is IMPORTANT. – You always hear it, and it’s true: it’s not what you know but who you know. So why wouldn’t you want to meet, exchange knowledge and connect with over 280,000 young professionals in the city? HIVE hosts regular events and workshops designed to sharpen your skills and build your professional network. Its signature conference, HIVEX brings together over 200 young professionals to network and discuss how to better and contribute to Hamilton.

3) Because the HIVE creates BUZZ. – The executive along with a collective of member groups are making it happen. HIVE is made up of bright minds, big ideas and people who are passionate about seeing their ideas come to life. Hamilton is growing and changing and this is your opportunity to be a part of it.

Hamilton HIVE is hosting a meet and greet this Wednesday, March 4 at Radius (151 James St. South). Drop by between 4:30 -7:00 p.m., say hello and get to know what our 23 member groups have to offer.

So come out and meet us. We look forward to sharing the buzz!

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Heather is a graduate of Niagara College and is currently completing her post graduate degree in Public Relations at Mohawk College. She interned at the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra this past year and is presently interning with the Toronto Indie Music Awards.

Playing hard for those who work hard in Hamilton

By Dan MacIntyre.

You live and work in Hamilton, but where do you play? HIVE public relations chair Dan MacIntyre shines a light on the area, writing from experience, and providing you with a guide on where to be when the night calls.

The Brain | 199 James Street North

TheBrainExteriorFrom the outside, it looks like a peculiar place. With only its overhanging sign displaying a cartoon drawing of a brain along with her yellow exterior, it’s no wonder it catches the eye amid the solid street wall along James North between Mulberry and Robert.

Nestled in between Mulberry Street Coffeehouse and the Studios at Hotel Hamilton, The Brain has established itself as the “first-date mecca” of Hamilton and with good reason.

The Brain is a space that is completely unassuming, much like its staff who endear themselves to their guest just as much as the venue itself. The eclectic décor of The Brain is worth the trip into this establishment. In particular, the light fixture hanging over the bar which is an engineering feat in it itself. You will find patrons enjoying an impressive roster of cocktails or craft beers, both on tap and by the bottle, offered at The Brain. This bar also masquerades as a cafe, offering coffee, pies and paninis all of which will strike a chord somewhere in your being. TheBrainCrowd

The Brain is somewhere you can come in and let your hair down. It’s a place perfectly situated between too casual and too much. Regardless of your musical tastes, The Brain also delivers. Depending on the bartender who doubles as the resident DJ via their personal iPod, all auditory needs are met somewhere in between Beyoncé and Fleetwood Mac.

Gallagher’s Bar and Lounge | 171 John Street South

Gallagher'sStageThe buffer between downtown and the Niagara escarpment, the Corktown neighbourhood in Hamilton is one of Hamilton’s oldest. You’ll find a lot of history here, weaved throughout the charming streets that make up this area. Corktown is also the home to a hotbed of nightlife known as Augusta Street.

While Augusta alone can warrant several articles, today’s focus is on one establishment in particular along this stretch, Gallagher’s. Distinct in many ways from the rest of Augusta Street, Gallagher’s sits alone on the corner of John and Augusta, chief of its domain. In the last three years, Gallagher’s has established itself as a true social scene. A bar catering to the mid-twenties plus crowd, it has become a place to see and be seen for Hamilton’s socialites.

With a wood spanning almost the entirety of the room Gallagher’s boasts an impressive collection of draughts in addition to the standard bottled beer and liquor fare found along the rest of Augusta. On its busy nights, Gallgher’s has three to four bartenders, two to three cocktailers and a couple of bussers working at full capacity to accommodate the dry throats of Hamilton’s bar goers. This level of service is a real plus as wait times for drinks here are far better than those elsewhere in the city. Gallagher'sBarTopWall

Tuesday nights especially can get wild in here as Born in the Eighties (BITE) has made Gallagher’s their home and draws a huge crowd. Playing acoustic covers of songs those born in the eighties can sing along to, the clientele on this night ranges in age from 25-40 for the most part. Carving out a Tuesday night niche for itself, Gallagher’s has cornered the market for the mid-week party goer in Hamilton.

Sláinte Irish Gastropub | 33 Bowen Street

SláinteExteriorIn Gaelic-tongue, “sláinte” means “good health.” For Hamilton’s bar goers, Sláinte’s simply means a good time. A gastropub (a combination of both bar and restaurant serving high-end food and drink) tucked indiscreetly off of Main at 33 Bowen Street just East of John Street, Sláinte’s has been a social institution for many years. The venue is striking in beauty and the building itself has significant historical merit dating back to the 1800s. And folks flock here with good reason. Sláinte’s offers well over 75 different beers on their menu and have successfully created a pub/dance club/live music scene hybrid that many bars try to replicate with failure.

Currently they have resident DJ Adverb on the ones and twos throwing down bangers from the ’90s and ’00s wetting the appetite of the young professional in attendance while playing enough of the “new stuff” to keep the student crowd entertained. Upstairs one will find an assortment of different local acts playing live music sets catering to a demographic with different appreciations.

Because Sláinte’s is a gastropub, they try their hand in the food game, and are quite good at it as well. Sourcing their ingredients locally and taking pride in their food offerings, Sláinte’s will anchor you as a regular even if the late-night scene isn’t for you. Should you decide to partake in a night at Sláinte’s you’ll have a wonderfully memorable night. Good times all in all.

Know a place that would be great for Hamilton’s young professionals? Send your suggestions to


Dan MacIntyre is a McMaster alumni, born and raised in Hamilton. He currently serves as Chair of the 2015 HIVE PR subcommittee.

The Business of Local Report

In our October 2014 HIVEX Conference, one of our member groups, Sustainability Professionals Network, facilitated a workshop called “The Business of Local”.  So many great ideas and conversations revolving around the idea of what investing locally means for the City of Hamilton were generated during the session, all of which are inputted in their new report “The Business of Local: Perspectives from Hamilton’s Young Professionals”.

The purpose of this document is to offer a summary of the ideas that were presented and to provide a platform to support continued discussion and broader community engagement.  Take a read here:

HSPN smallThe SPN hopes to engage both individuals and groups that work in or study the field of sustainability and provide networking opportunities so that we can collaborate on projects and potentially develop new projects together in order to further sustainability in Hamilton. Read more about this group by clicking here.