Member Profile: Derek Doyle – Chair, YEP! Hamilton

By Patricia Savoie.

A picture of Derek Doyle

“Instead of leaving Hamilton, I thought I would get involved and help influence change.”

And 28-year old Derek Doyle has done just that.

As a HIVE board member and the chair of the Young Entrepreneurs and Professionals of Hamilton (YEP! Hamilton), the ambitious realtor has taken an inspiring journey to becoming a successful young professional in Hamilton. His work in construction has led to him to the business world and Doyle decided to trade work boots for suits, establishing himself as a broker of record and partner at Ambitious Realty Advisors located in downtown Hamilton.

Leadership and guidance have always been important to Doyle and his contributions to the development of the community. Before his roles with YEP, the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and Hamilton HIVE, he had taken on new initiatives like coaching hockey and lacrosse. Becoming a coach not only helped him understand the importance of his goals but those of the people around him. It fostered patience, developed skills, and it helped him become a well-rounded leader, adds Doyle.

By being under the HIVE umbrella, groups like YEP! have the opportunity to interact within a larger group of young professionals. Communication amongst individuals with similar goals is essential for growth as a group, as a network, and for the community.

“You surround yourself with like-minded individuals, you surround yourself with leaders and people at the forefront of business and other industry. Being around people that are doing big things is motivating to creating a successful business and city, as we say here, the Ambitious City.”

Hamilton’s growth is positive in so many aspects, especially when it comes to opportunity. 2015 is full of golden opportunities at YEP!, with a new annual fundraiser replacing its successful YEP! I’m on a Boat cruise, roundtable discussions that will continue to promote interaction with influential leaders in Hamilton, and an overall increase in engagement amongst its members.

YEP! actively supports a variety of events and initiatives across the city such as: getting involved in the Barton Street cleanup, creating awareness campaigns for businesses, volunteering at City Kidz, as well as participating as a team in the Around the Bay Road Race. YEP! also hosts monthly events at different locations and businesses across the city to showcase some of Hamilton’s hidden gems while building networks, connecting with business leaders and engaging with the community.

Doyle’s advice for young professionals and budding young entrepreneurs in Hamilton boils down to this: get connected and stay engaged.

“One networking event isn’t going to change your business but if you put the time in and build relationships with like-minded people, success is soon to follow.”

A division of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, YEP! Hamilton is the prime resource for young, current and next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals age up to and including 40 in the city of Hamilton.

For more information on YEP! and how to get involved, click here.
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Patricia Savoie is a graduate with an Advanced Diploma from Mohawk College, where she is currently studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations. She is the HIVE PR & Media Intern for 2015.

Hamilton Economic Development Case Competition

By Patricia Savoie.

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It was the battle of brains and strategy – and it was serious business.

As part of the 2015 MBA Games weekend on January 3, 2015 members from Hamilton HIVE were invited as judges for the Hamilton Economic Development Case Competition. MBA students from across the country gathered in the heart of Hamilton to present a strategic pitch that will make the city a preferred investment location.

As one of Ontario’s most economically diverse centres, it is important to consider the existing geographic, demographic, infrastructure and economic conditions in Hamilton while identifying sectors that are expected to flourish in the city. Those sectors include Advanced Manufacturing, Agri-Business and Food Processing, Clean Technologies, Creative Industries, Goods Movement and Life Sciences.

Participants were required to identify which sector would attract investment from companies and would contribute to the attraction and retention of young professionals in the city. The teams were also required to identify gaps and Hamilton’s competitive advantage, in comparison with other cities known for the chosen sector.

Teams were evaluated on all aspects of their research, understanding of the chosen criteria, the strength of their pitch, and presentation delivery. The judges, many whom are young professionals and entrepreneurs, were recruited from various businesses, committees and organizations across the Hamilton area.

The MBA Games is an annual gathering of MBA students in the country, where they compete in academics, athletics and spirit. The event attracted over 20 schools and 700 participants. Team Schulich of the Schulich School of Business at York University came out triumphant and will host the 2016 MBA Games next January.

mba games(Photo courtesy of MBA Games 2015)

Alyssa Lai, HIVE Vice Chair, shares her favourite part of the event.

“Each team gave an in-depth analysis of Hamilton, its industries, as well as the city’s challenges and successes. As a fellow young professional living and working in the city, it was a rewarding experience to hear from their perspectives and see how young professionals fit in with all of that. The work that was done by the teams sets important groundwork for HIVE to understand how we can attract and retain young professionals.”

Abigail Santos, HIVE Chair, shares her opinion on how the MBA Games are beneficial to the future of our city’s development and it’s young professionals.

“ Having the MBA Games in Hamilton was a wonderful way for us to showcase the amazing attractions in the city, the many ways we are progressing, and the abundant opportunities that Hamilton has to offer investors and young professionals alike.

Our goal, Hamilton HIVE, Hamilton Economic Development, and McMaster, is to attract and retain talented young minds and future leaders of the city and I’m certain that having these games in Hamilton will allow us to succeed in our mission. If these teams from across the county are able to see how remarkable our city is, my hopes are for many of them to come back to make Hamilton their home. I also feel that these games just solidify what our current students and YPs already know, which is, there is no reason to leave the city as everything we need and want can be found here.”

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Patricia Savoie is a graduate with an Advanced Diploma from Mohawk College, where she is currently studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations. She is the HIVE PR & Media Intern for 2015.


McMaster Student Leadership Conference – Saturday January 10, 2015

By Patricia Savoie.

2An interesting thing happens when a group of student leaders come together. The willingness to learn, explore and express their passions is recognizable and encouraging, particularly for the next generation of young professionals in Hamilton.

HIVE was able to connect with a large number of the 300 current and aspiring student leaders from across the McMaster campus at this year’s Student Leadership Conference. With the theme of this year’s conference titled “Stepping Out”, it was fantastic to see so many students doing just that all the while inquiring about the opportunities and initiatives HIVE offers specifically to McMaster students. Several students were unaware and equally pleased to learn that by simply being a graduate of McMaster, they were automatically part of one of HIVE’s 22 member groups, Mac10, which is run by the McMaster Alumni Association. 11

Following the tradeshow, Abigail Santos, 2015 Hamilton HIVE Chair and Sean Beaudette, Service Learning and Civic Engagement Program Coordinator for Student Success Centre at McMaster University, delivered an informative and engaging workshop titled “Making Hamilton Your Home-ilton”.

I was both surprised and excited to discover that every attendee in the workshop had been from somewhere outside of Hamilton. Not only did this make the exercises more intriguing but proved to be informative to all in attendance while providing everyone with a brief overview of Hamilton’s history, emerging arts and culture scene, infrastructure, politics and much more. Student teams were encouraged to share their Hamilton knowledge and competed for some really great HIVE giveaways.
In the end, the pop quiz came down to a tie breaker question asking students to name the longest running race in Hamilton history, for which we had to award both finalist teams for their answers. The Around the Bay Road Race has been around since 1894 making it 3 years older than the Boston Marathon (#olderthanBoston) but we were also made aware that the political race crossed the finish line much earlier. 33

The McMaster Student Leadership Conference proved to be a powerful and useful experience for current and aspiring student leaders personally, academically and socially whether they are looking for ways to be more engaged on campus or in the thriving Hamilton community.

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Patricia Savoie is a graduate with an Advanced Diploma from Mohawk College, where she is currently studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations. She is the HIVE PR & Media Intern for 2015.

2015 MBA Games Case Competition – Hamilton Economic Development Case – JUDGES NEEDED

On January 3rd, 2015 McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business is hosting the 2015 MBA Games, which is anticipated to have approximately 700 MBA students from more than 20 business schools across Canada participating in events in Hamilton and Burlington.  The academic component of the games involves four business cases, spread throughout the weekend. Typically, these cases are real business challenges faced by real organizations. Teams from each school usually have three hours to develop a solution and present it to a panel of judges.

This year, the City of Hamilton’s Economic Development office has led the implementation of an innovative twist to the case competition process by developing a creativity and strategy based case that was sent to the teams a month before the competition. The case focuses on choosing one of Hamilton’s key industry sectors and creating a strategy for promoting investment by the kinds of organizations that will encourage young professionals to live and work in the city. The competitors will present their solutions on January 3 at City Hall to a panel of Hamilton business professionals and city officials.

There are currently a couple of judging positions available.  If you are interested in participating in the judging of this young professional focused case competition, please forward the following information to by 4:00pm on Thursday December 18th :

1.    A current resume/CV;

2.    A couple sentences on why you are interested volunteering as a judge and the value/perspective that you would bring to the judging process; and

3.    A confirmation of your availability between the time of 7:30am-1:30pm and/or 12:00pm and 6:00pm.

More information about the 2015 MBA Games can be found by following the link below.

There might still be opportunities for businesses to become involved in the games through sponsorship or other means, and interested individuals are encouraged to contact the 2015 MBA Games organizing committee for additional information.