2015 MBA Games Case Competition – Hamilton Economic Development Case – JUDGES NEEDED

On January 3rd, 2015 McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business is hosting the 2015 MBA Games, which is anticipated to have approximately 700 MBA students from more than 20 business schools across Canada participating in events in Hamilton and Burlington.  The academic component of the games involves four business cases, spread throughout the weekend. Typically, these cases are real business challenges faced by real organizations. Teams from each school usually have three hours to develop a solution and present it to a panel of judges.

This year, the City of Hamilton’s Economic Development office has led the implementation of an innovative twist to the case competition process by developing a creativity and strategy based case that was sent to the teams a month before the competition. The case focuses on choosing one of Hamilton’s key industry sectors and creating a strategy for promoting investment by the kinds of organizations that will encourage young professionals to live and work in the city. The competitors will present their solutions on January 3 at City Hall to a panel of Hamilton business professionals and city officials.

There are currently a couple of judging positions available.  If you are interested in participating in the judging of this young professional focused case competition, please forward the following information to by 4:00pm on Thursday December 18th :

1.    A current resume/CV;

2.    A couple sentences on why you are interested volunteering as a judge and the value/perspective that you would bring to the judging process; and

3.    A confirmation of your availability between the time of 7:30am-1:30pm and/or 12:00pm and 6:00pm.

More information about the 2015 MBA Games can be found by following the link below.

There might still be opportunities for businesses to become involved in the games through sponsorship or other means, and interested individuals are encouraged to contact the 2015 MBA Games organizing committee for additional information.

Why did you attend HIVEX this year?

By Mary Clements.  November 20th at 4:26pm

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Question: Why did you want to attend HIVEX this year?

Carly Skidmore

1_Carly Skidmore

“I love HIVEX and am here representing Fuse”


Brittany Staboon

2_Brittany Staboon

“Engage in the city and contribute in a positive way”


Jay Carter

3_Jay Carter

“To empower and inspire new sustainability leaders in the city”


Suzanne Zandbergen (@thegenerator)

4_Suzanne Zandergen

“There’s so much going on in Hamilton right now and this is the place to be part of the change that’s happening”


Maria Topalovic

5_Maria Topolovic

“To promote a more sustainable Hamilton”


Kevin Huynh

6_Kevin Huynh

“To hear keynote speakers, see what’s next for Hamilton and meet new people”


Agata Mancini

7_Agata Mancini

“To connect with people”


Jennifer Roth

8_Jennifer Roth

“To hear Jason Thorne speak!”


Emily Stencel

9_Emily Stencel

“As part of Starter Company, we have to attend a networking event”


Pearl Mendonca

10_Pearl Mendonca

“A great event for professional development in Hamilton”


Louise Noel-Ambrose

11_Louise Noel-Ambrose

“HIVEX is a great opportunity to network to a new audience!”


Amanda Stancati

12_Amanda Stancati

“To meet new people and get inspired!”

Mary Clements

Mary Clements is owner of Les Petites Pommes, a small business located in Hamilton that helps people learn and have fun in French through camps, tutoring services and adult classes!  She is also a member of HIVE’s PR Subcommittee.

HIVEX 2014 ‘Ambition’ Photo Gallery #2

Check out a fascinating second perspective of HIVEX 2014 in photos, taken by Scott Summerhayes (@ScSummerhayes), producer for Urbanicity.


A first-timer’s view of HIVEX

By Kim Wojtczak.  November 7th at 10:07am.

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Once a year, a sizeable cluster of Hamilton’s best and brightest YPs gather to take part in a series of engaging workshops, networking sessions, and interacting with fellow emerging leaders. This annual Hamilton landmark event is HIVEX, and 2014 marks my first time as an attendee.

Going into HIVEX: Ambition, I was incredibly excited and anticipated I would walk away with a number of takeaways regarding Hamilton’s socio-economic development and how to ignite positive change within our city. What I got from the conference definitely exceeded my expectations.

I was most surprised by the sheer amount of engagement from fellow attendees and passion for Hamilton that I saw. I took part in the Taking the Lead – Studio Y and Business of Local workshops, and the energy in the room both times was inspiring; it amplified my own desire to engage and share my ideas for tomorrow’s Hamilton.

The Studio Y workshop encouraged us to get into groups and think of a time in history when Hamilton felt truly united. From that memory, we were to come up with an idea for a better Hamilton that we could realistically execute. This fast-tracked strategy session forced us to focus on an ideal plan that left no time for doubts or second-guessing. In my opinion, the outcome was an awesome one: a group of YPs more in tune with what they would envision for a brighter Hamilton, and input from their peers on how to make it a reality.

The second workshop, The Business of Local, was equally energizing and did a great job of spotlighting a variety of important sectors of focus throughout the city. Each participant engaged in a roundtable discussion for two different sectors, and we were encouraged to target areas we were less familiar with. The energy was high, and people seemed to genuinely want to include their input on a wide range of issues. It made me realize how important it is for us as Hamiltonians to consider widespread engagement outside of our respective industries and niches.

Last was the mayoral debate, which closed the conference fittingly with the simple but powerful message highlighting the importance of civic engagement for all Hamiltonians.

My first HIVEX was one to remember. The annual conference is an opportunity for idea-sharing and inspiration, and I encourage all YPs in Hamilton to attend next year. You’ll interact with locals from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, each with something unique to bring to the important discussions impacting Hamilton’s future.

See you next year!

Kim_Headshot Kim Wojtczak is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Innovation Factory Hamilton.