Young Professional Spotlight: Alicia Thoms

IMG_7952Alicia Thoms

Occupation: Chief of Happiness – Platform 302, Owner of Soul Sessions

Industry: Entrepreneurship

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Like the four letter word that lights up her yoga studio, everyone loves to be around Alicia. Her positive energy makes everyone feel at home, and her dedication to providing a comfortable space for yoga is admirable. Alicia started Soul Sessions in 2015 because she couldn’t find yoga classes in the core of the city. She decided to take it upon herself to craft a yoga space where clients feel like they’re hanging out with friends. After contacting a few instructors, she had her own yoga studio right where she wanted, in the comfort of her own. Alicia’s role model is Marie Forleo, , who lives her life with purpose and has created a business that works for her while giving back to the world. This trait is something that she shares in common with Alicia.

“Soul sessions is about feeling good, living your best life, never dieting, and eating food that makes you feel good.”

Why are you in Hamilton?

I began working in Hamilton and fell in love with the city, so I moved here! I love being part of this amazing city and being part of the changes that are happening. There is so much opportunity and growth, which make the possibilities endless. Being able to start a business in Hamilton was great — you can pretty much do anything you want here!

Why did you sign up for the HIVE newsletter and/or why did you join a HIVE member group?

The HIVE newsletter is great for YPs as it is a useful resource for all the events and exciting things happening in the YP community in Hamilton.

What is Hamilton’s biggest opportunity?

Hamilton’s young generation of professionals are changing the landscape of Hamilton. It was really easy to start a business because of the community I was doing it in.  When you start something here, it feels like the community has your back and will embrace your idea. Between collaboration and the community working together it seems like everyone wants everyone to succeed.

What is your advice for YPs looking at Hamilton?

If you don’t live here — you should move here! There are amazing things happening around the city and it’s best to get involved. There are member groups for anything and everything in the city to support your career path. If you have an idea, you should do it!

How can Hamilton HIVE help move Hamilton forward?

They do a really great job at connecting the city, and creating a space for different young professional groups to meet. The HIVEX conference and networking events provide great topics and discussions about the city’s opportunities.

What is your favourite place in Hamilton?

This is a tough question because I love so many places in Hamilton!

Mulberry Coffee Shop is just down the street from me, and I love the atmosphere. I go there to do work, for meetings or to see friends. They have the best selection of teas, gluten free, and healthy options!

Second on my list is Serve Ping Pong lounge. It is a fun place to go, they have amazing food and it’s a great date night activity. I like to bring people from out of town here because it’s so unique and a cool concept.

My absolute favourite place in Hamilton is the trails on Bayfront Park. Whether I’m picking up a smoothie on my walk down, grabbing a Sobi bike, or climbing the stairs, I go there to see the nature, get exercise, and explore the city. It’s also perfect for picnics.

By Toni Shelton


Toni Shelton is a Post Graduate Public Relations student at Mohawk College and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Media, Information and Technoculture from Western University. Her passion for writing, social media, and public relations has led to internships with the Hamilton Bulldogs, the YMCA of the Greater Toronto Area and has been the project supervisor for non-profit events throughout her schooling. When she’s not working on her portfolio, tweeting or blogging, you can find her at the yoga studio or watching a Ticats game. Although she is not originally from Hamilton, she is an avid supporter and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Posted on February 23, 2016 in Hamilton HIVE blog, Young Professional Spotlight

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