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Why not Young Professionals Week?

This is a speech by Hamilton HIVE chair, Alyssa Lai during a press conference celebrating Young Professionals (YP) Week in Ontario (May 15-21). We’re pleased to be with our partners CoMotion Group and YEP Hamilton to highlight the accomplishments of young professionals in Hamilton. Watch the live broadcast of the press conference here.

Why Young Professionals Week? In Hamilton HIVE, the question we’d ask is “Why not?”

This is because we see firsthand the contributions made by the city’s under 40 crowd every day.

As a nonprofit focused on attracting and advancing emerging leaders and young professionals aged 18-39, Hamilton HIVE is the largest young professional organization in the city with a dedicated focus on building the next generation of leaders.

We are a coalition of 24 young professional member groups; they all come together under the HIVE umbrella with one mandate: to ensure that young leaders have all that they need to thrive professionally and personally in Hamilton. Collectively, we serve more than 1,000 young professionals with an even wider audience reach through our member groups’ networks.

If I were to describe Hamilton’s young professional scene in one word, that would be “multifaceted.” The emerging leaders and young professionals in this city are students, workers, newcomers, recent grads, parents, entrepreneurs, artists… and the list goes on. This mosaic reflects the spirit of Hamilton HIVE, which is about collaboration, inclusivity and diversity in both sector and people.

For over five years since the inception of HIVE, we’ve seen how Hamilton has changed, for the better.

That can be directly attributed to the young professionals in our city. We are investing in the economy, starting businesses, collaborating and sharing resources and networks with one another, tackling key issues in the city, engaging in the community, offering professional opportunities to others, and many more.

I challenge you to think of another group that is more engaged and invested in Hamilton. For employers and businesses, I encourage you to invest in our city’s future, starting with our emerging leaders and young professionals.

At the end of the day, we don’t need to look far to search for the best and brightest; they right under our noses here in Hamilton.

On behalf of over 200,000 young professionals in our city, thank you for your continued support. Happy Young Professionals Week!


Posted on May 19, 2016 in Events, Hamilton HIVE blog

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