Volunteer Spotlight: Marita Cockburn

Having moved from Kingston (via Ottawa) this summer, I am happily getting to know the region and what it has to offer, personally and professionally. When I’m not teaching, I am likely on a hike or with my horse. I am an avid cooker, baker, and eater of foods. But, I also enjoy consuming coffee, tea, books and TV shows.


marita-cockburnMarita Cockburn

School Program and/or Occupation: B.A, B.Ed, M.A – Educator / Social-Entrepreneur / Writer / Facilitator

Find Me At: @palominogohome



Why are you in Hamilton?

Learning from the best (my parents), I have always gone wherever the current takes me. When my partner had the professional opportunity to relocate this summer, we jumped on it.  Since moving here in August, it is clear that Hamilton has a lot to offer professionally and personally. We are excited to be in this vibrant city and to grow with it.


Tell us about what you do.

I work with young people, as an educator and a facilitator. I work toward youth engagement and youth empowerment. Most recently, I have been immersed in the non-profit world. Working in youth social services and education in Kingston and Ottawa, I was surrounded by a talented young professional network. I honed my facilitation and communication skills. In collaboration with some of these talented YPs, I founded the Kingston Young Professionals executive committee and network. Now in Hamilton, I am grateful to have the opportunity to pursue my education career with the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board as a teacher.


Tell us about your involvement at Hamilton HIVE. (How did you hear about it? What made you get involved? In what capacity are you involved?)

I’m a member of HIVE’s PR subcommittee. When the Kingston Young Professionals committee were developing their concept for the network, Hamilton HIVE provided us significant inspiration as an exemplary model of what a young professional hub can be. When my partner and I moved this summer, it made sense to reach out to the Hamilton HIVE to see how I could participate.


What have you enjoyed about being part of Hamilton HIVE so far?

The HIVE community is very welcoming and energetic. I enjoy participating in and being inspired by the projects and the people involved!


What is your advice for YPs looking at Hamilton?

Hamilton is a great place to work, but more importantly to me, it is a comfortable and engaging place to live. So, for me, it scores very high on the “Live-ability” scale. If you are a YP with similar values, consider the Hamilton region.


What do you think is Hamilton’s biggest opportunity?

On many planes, there is space.


How can Hamilton HIVE help move Hamilton forward?

Connecting YPs with their contemporaries to share, collaborate, and be inspired.


What is your favourite place (e.g. coffee shop, restaurant, shop, natural spot, etc.) in Hamilton?

I love everything about my natural surroundings and Hamilton’s diverse environment. Each day that I wake up in Dundas, I am excited that such an exceptional landscape and trails are steps from my front door.  Whether it is a hike with my partner and our Australian Shepherd pup or a trail ride with my horse, I am on a tour of the outdoors everyday. Follow our canine adventures on Instagram @bertietheaussie

Posted on December 15, 2016 in Young Professional Spotlight

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