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How to Become Fearlessly Creative & Have Better Ideas More Often

Tuesday, 10 a.m., Boardroom. You’ve just been invited to a huge brainstorming meeting with your team and the goal is to come up with a good idea for an upcoming project. Right away, you might be hoping that someone creative will be at this meeting because you don’t have any good ideas contribute.

Well, according to Joel Hilchey and Brandon Love, authors of Brainsprouting: How to Become Fearlessly Creative & Have Better Ideas More Often – you’re mistaken. Everyone can be creative. Even you.

So when did we lose confidence in our own creativity? When did we deem ourselves “not creative”, relying only on the creative-types to be the idea generators? Joel and Brandon believe this can be attributed to years of limiting-styles of brainstorming.

Being asked to come up with a “good idea” right away is the first problem – that is asking us to be both critical and creative at the same time. It’s important to understand that coming up with an idea is a process, and there are tools and steps to brainstorm effectively to get to the point of good ideas.

Enter Brainsprouting. Just like seeds can’t be forced to sprout, ideas can’t be forced from our minds. It’s all about creating the right conditions for good ideas.

Brainsprouting presents us with guidelines for getting the most out of an ideation process:

  1. Quantity over quality. It’s a numbers game. Think of as many ideas as possible. It helps to put a time limit on this process, too!
  2. No judging. Create a safe space for ideation. Being judged is the number one fear that holds back creativity.
  3. Be silly. Sharing wacky ideas opens up new brain pathways and helps people see new possibilities.
  4. Piggybacking. Build on others’ ideas. Hop on someone else’s train of thought and ride it as far as you can.

At their book launch on March 2 at CoMotion on King, Joel and Brandon took us through a few exercises to practice these steps, proving to all of us that we are creative.

Are you looking to unlock the creativity of your staff or coworkers? If you’d like to purchase a copy of Brainsprouting or find out more on how you can host a Brainsprouting workshop at your office, visit their website today!

Event photos by: Katya Koroscil

Cassandra D’Ambrosio

Cassandra is a McMaster Alumna, foodie, and born-and-raised Hamiltonian. She works for Jan Kelley as an Account Coordinator, managing marketing campaigns from inception to execution on key clients such as Petro-Canada and ROXUL Inc. She’s also a Co-Chair of the HIVE PR Committee for 2017.

Posted on March 1, 2017 in Events, Hamilton HIVE blog

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