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Young Professional Spotlight: Aaron-Mitchell Myles Baker

Full name

Aaron-Mitchell Myles Baker


Associate Consultant, Investors Group Hamilton


Aaron-Mitchell moved to Hamilton to pursue his university education and collegiate football career. While playing football with McMaster, he competed in two national championships and won the McMaster Special Teams MVP award. Aaron was also involved with Mac Athletes care and he raised funds and participated in various charity events.

Off the field, Aaron-Mitchell excelled in his classes and completed his Bachelors of Economics while he interned at Investors Group. Following his internship, he was offered an associate role and has since been working on a presentation series for the high school and elementary levels to help educate children about financial literacy. His goal is to help students understand how to budget, manage expenses, student loans, create a plan, and have discipline.

Growing up, Aaron was introduced to his parents’ financial advisor and saw the benefits of financial literacy and planning. He was drawn to pursue a career that helps others – being in the finance industry was always his Plan A. He is proud to do what he does now and enjoys adding value to the community.

As an Associate Consultant, Aaron works with people to help them understand finances. His advice to young professionals is to avoid procrastinating.

“Most people feel that they are too young to start planning ahead. Yet, when you compare an individual that made the choice to take control of their financial future at 20 years old to that of a 30 year old, the 20 year old will almost always come out ahead.”

Some resources that Aaron suggests for Young Professionals to understand finances are: finance blogs, the Globe and Mail, Wealth Professional and Investment Executive.

Along with his parents, and the influence of their financial advisor, Aaron is grateful for his mentor’s advice and support. Aaron’s mentor, Gary Hogan is a McMaster Alumni and a Senior Financial Consultant with Investors Group Financial Services Inc. Gary shares his wisdom gained through more than 20 years in the industry and stimulates Aaron’s professional growth.

After living in Hamilton for a while, Aaron realized that the city had a strong community vibe; something that he never felt from his hometown Markham. Aaron recognizes that Hamilton’s biggest opportunity is embracing ideas and the changing social and economic landscape. He appreciates that Hamilton has done an amazing job adapting to the new cohort of Hamiltonians, while keeping the grit and culture that the city is known for. When Aaron is not in his suit and tie, you can find him exploring Ottawa St; his favourite spot in the city.

Liz Enriquez

Liz is an adventurer, researcher and social media maven. When she isn’t researching Hamilton’s labour market, she’s fixing up her Victorian home, blogging about personal finance and being a millennial, exploring the world or hiking on the beautiful trails the city has to offer. Liz loves Hamilton and recognizes the businesses and citizens of the city on social media under Shoutouts Hamilton (Twitter | Instagram)

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