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Young Professional Spotlight: Carlos Flores

When Carlos Flores was laid off, he changed his whole career path. Given the option between finding a new job similar to the one he’d had or trying something new, he chose to enroll at Mohawk College in the Health, Wellness and Fitness program and through his courses learned a lot about the industry – and even more about himself.

“I think I gained a lot of confidence by experiencing and doing things that I had originally perceived as out of my comfort zone.”

As a coach at OHSO Fitness on Locke Street, it’s safe to say that Carlos knows a thing or two about stepping outside of the comfort zone. His coaching style draws upon his own experiences (and on making big changes in his own life). Part of why he’s so successful and well-liked by his clients is his ability to relate to the struggles they go through while trying to step outside of their comfort zone. His empathetic nature and positive attitude helps, too.

His classes at OHSO Fitness are a blistering 30 minutes of metabolic circuits, taking clients through a structured progression of movements and exercises. He leads small groups, of up to five people, which allows him to deliver individual attention to each person he works with. Carlos takes the time to build relationships with each individual in his classes – which compounds into accountability. With things like fitness, that’s a key factor in translating ambitions into results.

While some coaches put emphasis on the scale, Carlos believes the most important outcome is an understanding of how movement impacts health. The knowledge of how the human body is supposed to move, and how that movement contributes to life and longevity. It isn’t just rhetoric in his instruction – he takes the time to make sure that his clients understand how to move, but also why they move.

Carlos has been described as passionate, engaged, and friendly by his peers, which is part of the reason he was chosen for a HIVE YP Spotlight. He can often be found at networking events, smiling brightly and engaging with everyone he meets. Anyone who follows him on social media knows that he’s all for the #hustle of the YP life – but that doesn’t mean neglecting your own needs as a result of a busy schedule.

“It’s about planning it, put it in your calendar and abide by it. That is your appointment with yourself, it’s self maintenance and self care.”

It all comes back to that positive attitude, about valuing yourself and your wellbeing. Carlos will always congratulate you on any step you take forward, whether it’s a personal best at this year’s Around the Bay Race, or making the decision to walk home from work. Hopefully we can all take something away from Carlos and work to invest a little more in ourselves.

Posted on March 15, 2017 in Young Professional Spotlight

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