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YEP does the Around the Bay Road Race

YEP Hamilton is getting the team back together for their 3rd go at the Around the Bay Road Race and we are excited to announce we will be joining forces with the Hamilton Chamber and the Hamilton Hive. Cameron Dyck (LegalShield and Vice Chair to YEP) has stepped up to be this years team captain. He will be kickstarting the year with a 3 days a week running group/training leading up to the race for all those interested in joining the team.

For those not familiar with The Around the Bay Road Race it is the oldest road race in North America with the first run held in 1894 ‐ three years before the start of the Boston Marathon. Rich in tradition, the race has been won by the best from around the world, including Boston Marathon winners and Olympic gold medalists. Today the race has grown to include a 5k and relay events to involve every level of runner or walker. It has also become a signature fundraising event for St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation with increased participation and support through the Fundraising Team Challenge.
We are looking forward to putting together a great team this year to help us reach and hopefully exceed our fundraising goal of $10,000!

There are many spots available still to fill on the team, whether you are interested in only running a 5K or want to hammer out the full 30!

If you have any questions such as donating or you’d like to join the team please contact Cameron Dyck (905.902.3925 or If you are interested in joining the team let Cameron know which spot you’d like to run in (5K walk/run, 10K 3 person relay, 15K 2 person relay, or 30K walk/run) and we will get back to you with the details on how to register.
As for the Cam’s group run, it will beginning this coming Monday 14th at 7am starting and ending at Platform 302 click here for directions. The runs will go 3 days a week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7am right up until race day March 24, 2013. After each run we will reconvene at Platform 302’s gym for a cool down, stretch, and refreshments.

Almost 11,500 runners participated in the Bay Race on March 25, 2012 – the largest number of runners in the race’s 118‐year history. Many of these participants went “the extra mile” for St. Joe’s by raising more than $260,000 in pledges to improve care for the patients we’re honoured to serve. The 2013 Bay Race promises another event filled with excitement and competition for a great cause. We invite our Fundraising Teams old and new to join the Around the Bay Road Race to help St. Joe’s improve healthcare in our community!

Stay tuned for more exciting details!

YEP Hamilton’s August Executive Roundtable: Sales, Sales, Sales!

Hey Team,

We are excited to bring you an event focused on Sales Sales Sales! On Monday August 20, 2012 YEP Hamilton is lucky to have two prominent sales executives chat with us about techniques of closing a sale, how to sell a tough product, how to approach selling in an unsteady economy the emotions of selling and of course, the art of selling. No matter what industry you are in, having strong sales experience is always necessary to achieve success!

Location: The Green Smoothie Bar: 236 James Street North, Hamilton

We are excited to have Nadeem Younis and Judy Marsales take the time to chat with us on Monday August 20, 2012:

1) Nadeem Younis

President / CEO at Hucap Inc – Investment Management

Please Click HERE for more information about Nadeem Younis

2) Judy Marsales

Broker of Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd

Please Click HERE for more information about Judy Marsales

For this event we will have the following agenda.
·  7:00pm – 7:30pm – networking

·   7:30pm – 8:00pm – Intro + Learn about each sales executive’s job and background.  What factors have contributed to their success?  What is Hamilton doing Right? What is Hamilton not doing now, what does it have to do to realize its potential?

·  8:00pm – 9:00pm – Questions from young professionals to the executives. Q and A and open conversation
If you have a question you would like YEP Division Chair, Joe Accardi to ask in the first session to make sure there is time, forward it to me and I will include it in the agenda.

In order to maintain a conversational atmosphere, we only have 25 spots available. Please RSVP to at your earliest convenience, as we are booking on a first come, first served basis. In your RSVP please provide your name and company name, and the industry you best align with. It will be interesting for the executives and ourselves to see what industry representation we have. Attendance is at no charge.

We are looking forward to another successful night to get those business questions answered, help develop our careers, engage our leaders, network and generate ideas to push Hamilton to its full potential. Hope to see you all out there.

YEP Hamilton’s June Roundtable Follow-up

YEP Hamilton’s Executive Roundtable on June 20, 2012 was awesome! It was held at the beautiful Best Western Premier C Hotel – Dolce Rooftop Lounge with special guests PJ and Joe Mercanti.  Amazing location and view of the city, lively discussion, delicious food and the most gracious and charismatic guest speakers and group of young professionals could ask for! Here are the top ten talking points from the evening.
1) “Get out of the office to think strategically!” PJ says. Between 9-5, everybody’s day is a zoo with far too many distractions. Seek a creative and quiet space to help your executive team find clarity
2) When it comes to managing staff, Joe says the best way to be a great manager is to make your staff feel confident! Be good to them, work alongside them and help them to feel proud about themselves and what they do. Don’t under-estimate your staff but rather, empower them to think outside their assigned “role” and give them the tools to implement great ideas.
3) Dream Job vs. Dream Life: You could have the best job/career in the world, but if you aren’t surrounded by your friends and family and are able to have your loved ones share in your successes; is there really a point? Will it really make you happy in the long run? Family First!
4) Hamilton is a Gem! We are innovators. Hamilton isn’t “almost there”….it is there! We need to believe in ourselves, each other and work together to build further on our success and the successes on the people that built this city. We have a responsibility to take this great city to the next level.
5) When it comes to running a business…there is no job too little. You do what needs to get done.  Not only will it allow you to know your business from the ground up and make you the best manager possible; but it will also encourage your staff to work harder for you because they see you in the trenches with them sharing in the workload and the success!
6) Get involved with your community! By opening your doors and your hearts to your greater community, it allows you to create many worthy connections and betters the quality of life for the people in your city. Give a little to get a lot!
7) Look for new revenue opportunities! New revenue streams allows your staff to grow within your company, broadens your customer demographics and enables you to stay current and top of your game in a constantly changing economy.
8. When planning/ hosting an event: Communication is Key!  Never move on from an event without conducting a full evaluation.  Sit down with you team and decide what works, what doesn’t work and what need to change next time. You can always get better.
9) Get Creative!  Look at your resources and skill set and experiment with different ways to make it profitable. (For instance, Carmen’s is available to rent 7 days a week.  The team began booking more Friday and Sunday weddings and brought more conferences in mid-week to make all week days profitable.)
10) Enjoy people! Work should be fun.

YEP I’m on a Boat!

All Aboard

On Friday August 19th, YEP Hamilton launches their first EVER Boat Cruise on the beautiful Hamilton Waterfront. So join 150 other young entrepreneurs and professionals to gather and “set sail” on the Hamilton Harbour Queen Cruise for an evening of networking, socializing and celebrating some of the unique features Hamilton, Ontario has to offer. In addition to the 150 young professionals, we will also be inviting members of the media, and local celebrities to join us for an upscale evening of entertainment and fun!

The evening will include great local music onboard the ship, gourmet food prepared by Boo’s Bistro and Deliverizer, photo opportunities, door prizes and an opportunity for young professionals established in, new to or just visiting the City to connect and learn what Hamilton has to offer them.

Dress Code: Nautical Chic, Yacht Club Ready….but pirates, first mates and skippers are welcome too! (Photos and videos coming soon)
Tickets: $25 each
Where to get tickets:
Many members of YEP Hamilton Committee members will have tickets on them and will be selling them like their lives depend on it (or they will be walking the plank on the 19 ;))
If you will not be seeing a YEP Committee member before hand, please contact Shannon to purchase your tickets