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Young Professional Spotlight: Sonia Seguin

Sonia Seguin Occupation: Founder/Owner of Body Brave About the business: Body Brave is local social enterprise that offers support and guidance to young adults struggling with mental health issues, specifically eating and body image issues, to build happier, healthier lives. We offer online support, workshops, one-on-one counseling and peer support. Our team includes a physician…

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Young Professional Spotlight: Oana Sirb

As a young professional, I realize the importance of networking with like-minded people, and that the sharing of knowledge and information all leads up to bettering yourself professionally.

Volunteer Spotlight: Marita Cockburn

When the Kingston Young Professionals committee were developing their concept for the network, Hamilton HIVE provided us significant inspiration as an exemplary model of what a young professional hub can be.

Young Professional Spotlight: Alex Pryor

With all of the resources and hard-working people behind the organizations here in Hamilton, the community is bound for great things.

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