HIVE is looking for a Community Engagement Officer!

Role Description                                                                                                                          

The Community Engagement Officer will explore community engagement opportunities in Hamilton that can most effectively and efficiently support Hamilton HIVE’s strategic plan.  This role will also develop tactics for HIVE involvement that best utilize organizational strengths. 


- Communicate in a timely and respectful manner with prospective partners for community engagement 

- Develop Community Engagement Plan that connects and assesses timely opportunities with HIVE’s community engagement strategy

- Develop a Community Engagement Matrix document that demonstrates the ways in which a partnership would support HIVE’s strategic plan

- Present monthly proposals to executive team that identify community engagement partnership priorities

- Develop new and unique community engagement tactics that utilize Hamilton HIVE’s organizational strengths

- Advise the executive team as to how each member can fulfill community engagement obligations as per strategic plan

The time commitment for this role is between 10 to 15 hours per month
Please submit resumes to by June 15, 2017