We're looking for our 2022 Executive!

Hamilton HIVE is proud to announce the start of the application period for the 2022 calendar year.

Each applicant must provide:·
       - A one-page description (max. 500 words) as to why they are best suited for the role they are applying for·        
       - An updated résumé

The applicant is required to attend the Hamilton HIVE Board Meeting on Wednesday January 26th 8 am to present their application and answer any questions the Board may have. Presence at this meeting is mandatory.

The deadline for applications is Friday January 21, 2022 at 11:59pm. Please review the description for each position and email your application to administrator@hamiltonhive.ca.

Executive meetings are held the first bi - weekly (time and location TBD by the 2022 Executive). Board Meetings are held quarterly (8:00 a.m to 9:00 a.m. locations to be announced by the executive 2022). You are required to be in attendance at both monthly, as well as other ad hoc meetings throughout the year.

Successful applicants are required to be in attendance at both monthly, as well as other ad hoc meetings throughout the year. These is are unpaid, volunteer positions.

The time commitment for roles vary. If you have questions, contact us!
Term is effective January 26th, 2022 through December 31, 2022.

The Role of the Vice-Chair: 

The Vice-Chair will take an active role in working with the Committees of Hamilton HIVE to ensure that they are making progress towards their objectives; with the expectation to lead the Public Relations Committee.  The Vice-Chair will assume the role of Hamilton HIVE Chair after their tenure as Vice-Chair is completed, for the 2023 year.

Job Responsibilities:

- Managing social media platforms
- Creating marketing and content strategies
-Developing brand awareness
- Communicating in a professional but unique social media “voice”creating campaigns and calls-to-action to generate inbound website traffic..

The Role of the Secretary: 

The Secretary of Hamilton HIVE will be responsible for keeping records of all Hamilton HIVE activities, including but not limited to minutes (in a professional format), agendas, stakeholder correspondence, weekly newsletters, and other forms of transcription. The Secretary will work closely with incoming requests and ultimately be responsible for internal communication. They will be the point-person for "new group" queries, applications, and development. The Secretary will also be responsible for soliciting events and creating the newsletter through MailChimp and maintaining the website. Knowledge in website analytics and basic HTML are an asset.

Job Responsibilities:

-Attend biweekly Executive and monthly Board of Directors meetings and take detailed minutes. Attendance at biweekly Sponsorship and Committee meetings is encouraged.
- Monitor the Hamilton Hive email and reply to inquiries
- Post Indeed advertisements and assist with volunteer recruitment
- Attend Hive events and assist with volunteer coordination
- Update the Hive website as needed

The Role of the Treasurer: 

The Treasurer of Hamilton HIVE will be responsible for keeping financial records of all Hamilton HIVE activities, revenue, expenditures, sponsorship, and budget. They will work closely with the Hamilton HIVE Executive and Board of Directors as well as lead the Sponsorship & Stewardship Committee.

Job Responsibilities:

  - Preparing the budget in consultation with the Executive and presenting it to the Board for approval
- Management of the approved budget
- Depositing of monies (ticket sales, sponsorship, and event profits)
- Reporting on balances and event profits to Executive and Board
- Controls money during any event (including collecting cash throughout the event and provide monies for deposit)• Record keeping of all financial transactions
- Lead the Sponsorship Committee and coordinate volunteer on boarding and tasks
- Apply to grants and contact potential sponsorship partners/donors to fund event expenses
- Not-for-profit, fundraising, and book keeping experience are assets to this role