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About Us

"Buzz Worthy is about entrepreneurship, people, and projects from our back yards. We want to inspire greatness by telling stories of people that are solving problems in their own unique ways.

Our city is buzzing with innovation and creativity that is changing the world one entrepreneur at a time. This podcast will tell the stories of entrepreneurs’ lives and the businesses they have built or building. Our guests are sharing their journey in an organic conversation with our host that starts from their initial inspiration, zooming in on the problem and looking to the future. We hope to reflect, share nuggets of wisdom and laugh a little about the not so funny moments that have happened."

“ The best way to predict the future is to create it ”  
- Peter F Drucker

Our Guest & Partners

Bee Hive


Audio Engineer & Editor


James is a video editor and audio engineer with an array of projects under his belt such as wedding videos, YouTube content creation, podcasts, and short films. He enjoys telling a story through his work no matter the medium. James aspires to grow his expertise, expand his portfolio, and captivate audiences in newer and increasingly unconventional ways.


Chair & Buzz Worthy Host

August 2021

Shalicia is an entrepreneur, the Chair of Hamilton Hive and our host of Buzz Worthy. She is excited to help take Hamilton Hive into the future as we continue to inspire, and support the development of our youth, professionals and entrepreneurs.


Video Content Creator

December 2021

Tricia is a passionate and spirited storyteller. She's an editor who started on YouTube and is making her way to bigger things. With the knowledge gained in Broadcast for Television Film and Radio at Niagara College, she is eager to create more.


PR Lead

February 2022

Fernando was born and raised in Mexico, where he also completed his degree in Advertising and Public Relations. His love for people and social interactions made this a full filling degree as he aspires to build and engage audiences with the power of words.


Web Developer

January 2022

Harshadkumar is passionate about technology and has a Computer Science degree. He is currently expanding his knowledge in this field at Mohawk college. Harsh enjoys diving into new technological products, figure out how they work, then master them. He aspires to be a font end web developer and further grow his expertise in the IT field.


Animator and Motion Graphics Artist

June 2021

Ratry Toun is a Freelance Artist. She’s created various types of illustrations that have been used for animations, logos, and passion projects. Her goal for every art project is to bring a personal story to life. She hopes to create more artwork that inspire people to look at their life more creatively.


Sound Engineer

October 2021

Khalid is an emerging sound artist who conceptual content creation, various production styles and abstract video installations. His work can be described as complex mini list. Khalid aspires to inspire the world through music and sound art.


Branding Expert

October 2021

Cesar is branding visionary, motion graphics animator and 3D enthusiast. Utilizing his array of design expertise, Cesar enjoys bringing relatable and memorable brands to life. He aspires to help build beloved brands that transcend generations.