Building Relationships for Success with Audie McCarthy

Simone Mekli
Audie McCarthy

If you’ve never attended Hamilton Hive's HIVEX Conference before, here’s what you can expect: a full day of networking, learning, personal growth, professional development and… more networking. HIVEX is the largest young professionals (YPs) conference in the Golden Horseshoe area, gathering over 300 YPs, community members and city leaders.

That’s a lot of people, and plenty of opportunity to meet each one. If that makes you break out in a full body sweat, don’t worry – we are here to help. Leading up to HIVEX, on Thursday, October 26, you can practice your networking skills with expert Audie McCarthy during her interactive workshop.

Who is Audie McCarthy and why was she chosen to lead you to networking success? With more than 30 years of professional experience, McCarthy has written two books and built a successful and thriving career with the help of networking and relationship building. In her current role as President and CEO of Mohawk College Enterprise, McCarthy helps build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with clients and partners through leadership development, customer service, strategic planning, project management and more.

McCarthy was born and raised in Hamilton, and like many people, the beginning of her career meant the long commute to and from Toronto. That is, until she finally decided to set up shop and pursue success here in Hamilton. She sees a bright future for Hamilton’s economy, saying that “the work our City’s Economic Development Department is doing to attract businesses is outstanding.” She also sees this “providing huge potential to our young entrepreneurs to turn their creative expressions into businesses. Previously having to turn to Toronto to start their career, YPs are able to really thrive in Hamilton. “

As the President and CEO of a successful company, McCarthy’s schedule is non-stop. Yet she continues to dedicate her time to volunteering and engaging with her community. Why? “It’s who I am,” she says. “I’ve been volunteering since I was 10 years old.”

Within her community, she has been inspired by the willingness of people to cooperate and support each other; especially big businesses supporting and mentoring small businesses and the willingness of small businesses to work together in the community.

“We have to be grateful for what we have and share that gift.”

So why has she chosen Hamilton HIVE as one of the organizations she lends her time to? As others before her have noted, HIVE helps support the leaders of Hamilton’s future. Before, young professionals graduated from school and were left on their own to navigate the rough waters of the “business world”. Now, “there is a whole community dedicated to helping these people flourish and HIVE is at the centre of this.”

McCarthy wants to help contribute to this community. Through her experience working with clients across Ontario, she has noticed a trend in the skills and competencies employers are looking for in YPs. “They want leaders,” she stresses, “but there are so many qualities that encompass becoming a great leader” – including the ability to take initiative, problem solve, and more.

To hear more of her advice, join us on Thursday, October 26, at Mills Hardware. Click here for tickets.

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Simone is a graduate from Political Science at Western University and Public Relations at Mohawk College. As a lifelong learner, you can frequently find Simone exploring her hobbies or taking a new Continuing Education class at Mohawk. She is currently the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Mohawk College Enterprise.