Hamilton's Young Professional Groups Working Together!

Sunny Ezeh

The power of partnership amongst young professional groups has sustained the Hamilton HIVE for over ten years. These partnerships from across Hamilton are the backbone of Hamilton HIVE. 

If you want to go fast but for a short time you may consider going alone but if your desire is to go far, you certainly need to go with a group. 

Our volunteers, who are motivated to help others and build community, fuel our organization. Whether you are a newcomer, recent graduate, community leader, entrepreneur or a young professional seeking to advance your career in Hamilton, here is a pathway towards personal and professional development to further your journey. 

HIVE's Young Professional Groups: 

Meet the many member groups of the Hamilton HIVE: 

  1. CoMotion Group: CoMotion’s 10,000 square foot facility in downtown Hamilton brings small businesses, startup teams, and entrepreneur professionals of all kinds together to operate their businesses under one roof. CoMotion offers a unique, supportive community with two community managers on staff.
  1. City of Hamilton Young Professionals (City HYP – pronounced “hip”): This group consists of Young Professionals within Hamilton and from diverse disciplines with the sole purpose of uplifting one another. City HYP is focused on three areas: education, fun and charity. 
  1. City of Hamilton Library Young Professionals (LYP): The young professionals working in Hamilton Public Library (HPL) constitute the City of Hamilton Library young professionals. While working for HPL, they plan events within Hamilton and in partnership with HIVE to ensure that the library is accessible to the city's YPs.
  1. Cycle Hamilton:   if   you   are   a   bike   lover   and   wondering   how   you   can   cycle around the city safely, wonder no more because Cycle Hamilton has got you covered. Cycle Hamilton was formed and registered as an NGO in 2015 and constitutes groups that work together to ensure bike lovers of all ages can safely get around any part of the community safely. In their words ‘‘We strive to inspire people to ride their bikes in a growing network of connected and safe bike lanes and to create a culture of bike riding in Hamilton’’.
  1. Global Hamilton Connect (GHC): Newcomers and international students in Hamilton need information as well as a guide to be able to adapt and work within the community and GHC ensures that.
  1. Innovation Factory (IF): Whether you are a young entrepreneur seeking to kick off a start-up,  a small and medium  scale  entrepreneur  looking  for initiative, or a young   professional with ideas   but  still  wondering  ‘if’ - you  are certainly in the right place. IF exists to turn your ideas to success. Located  at the heart of the community,  along  Longwood  Road, Innovation  Factory  supports  start-ups   and helps existing businesses grow.
  1. McMaster Student Success Centre (MSSC): MSSC has continued over the years to ensure the professional and personal development of students and Alumni by supporting   their   academic   pursuits.   It   consistently   encourages   students   to develop   their   potential   and   bring  meaningful  contributions   to  the community. This centre is located at McMaster University in Westdale.
  1. Rotaract Clubs: All over the world Rotaract clubs continue to affect the communities they found themselves by instilling values that foster growth and skills necessary for personal development. The story is not different in Hamilton; the   club   has   continued  to encourage and  promote  personal knowledge enhancement and better relations between people in the Hamilton communities. They are....be reached via their website.
  1. The   Young   Architects   of   Hamilton   (YAH):   If   you are a young architect, architectural technician, interior designer or design professional of any sort and you live and/or work in the Hamilton area - then this group is for you. YAH promotes and represents young and aspiring professionals of the architectural community in Hamilton. They do this through  the  facilitation   of   conversations   about   how architecture and its many related fields can impart the city of Hamilton positively. YAH aims to help build up Hamilton’s bright future.
  1. Young Entrepreneurs and Professionals (YEP): This group just like the name sounds is for emerging young entrepreneurs and professionals within Hamilton. It is   a   division   of   Hamilton   Chambers   of   Commerce.   YEP is concerned with  the professional development of its member group and achievements through engagement and networking.

Join our community and connect with the young professionals of Hamilton. Together our goal is to make sure we are providing opportunities to work, learn and grow in the city of Hamilton through the help of our partnerships! Becoming a member guarantees access to all member benefits. 

In the words of Helen Keller said, "alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."