HIVEX 2017: Making An Impact In Hamilton

Cassandra D'Ambrosio

Originally published the September 2017 issue of Urbanicity

‍Hamilton HIVE hosts 7th Annual Conference for Young Professionals on November 18

Young professionals are a crucial part of Hamilton’s ever-changing landscape. Hamilton HIVE makes it their mission to nurture these emerging leaders, providing them with resources and support to use their skills and passion to make an impact in our city.

On November 18th, Hamilton HIVE will host their 7th annual HIVEX Conference at the Lincoln Alexander Centre. This is one of the largest professional development opportunities in Hamilton, bringing in over 300 young professionals, community members, and city leaders each year.

This year’s conference theme is Impact – empowering young professionals to create a positive impact on their careers, their personal lives, and in their communities. The programming will cover a variety of topics, including: networking, mentorship, personal branding, public speaking, personal finance, community engagement, personal growth and mental wellness.

“HIVEX is exactly the kind of opportunity that can put you on a path you may not have even known you were looking for – whether that’s through new partnerships, new skills, or exposure to new ideas,” says Hamilton HIVE Chair, Michael Parente.

HIVEX: Enhancing Hamilton’s ‘sticky city’ status

Year after year the conference brings in returning attendees and new faces who engage in enriching discussion, acquire new knowledge at workshops, and network with other driven individuals in our city. This active participation is admirable and speaks volumes on how young professionals want to learn and grow in Hamilton.

For me, it’s great to see that Hamilton HIVE is a key player in the city’s growth. As Hamilton’s go-to resource and network for young professionals, HIVE has always been known to provide quality professional development opportunities for the emerging leaders set to shape our city. It was my experience at last year’s HIVEX Conference that led me to apply for an Executive position on Hamilton HIVE this year. I was inspired and humbled by their efforts and commitment to bettering the city – and felt I needed to be a part of that.

As Hamilton continues to develop, there will be more opportunities for young professionals to work, live, and play in the city. In fact, if each one of the over 300 expected HIVEX delegates comes away with one new idea and a knowledge of the resources available to carry it out, imagine the impact we will see in Hamilton over the next year, five years, and beyond.

HIVEX Event Details

The conference will open and close with returning HIVEX workshop presenter Brandon Love. Brandon will use his unique and entertaining presentation style to generate plenty of energy, and focus everyone’s mind on creating real change with the new skills and ideas they will develop throughout the day.

A new segment at this year’s conference is the inclusion of a panel discussion on making Hamilton ready for young professionals. Panelists Alyssa Lai, Jay Carter, Jeff Martin, and Tammy Hwang will share their unique perspectives on how the city is preparing young professionals for success and the gaps that still exist. The discussion will be moderated by Hamilton HIVE Vice Chair, Corey Helie-Masters and will include the opportunity for delegates to join in the discussion.

Other parts of the event to look forward to are the multiple networking opportunities throughout the day, a tradeshow with local organizations, and a mixer immediately following the closing session, complete with a cocktail showcase.

HIVEX Ticket Information

Hamilton HIVE welcomes emerging and established leaders, working professionals, post-secondary students, recent grads, entrepreneurs, artists, and freelancers to attend. The only thing you have to bring is your energy, enthusiasm, an open mind, an appetite for learning and a lot of business cards.

Early bird tickets are on sale until October 14: single tickets cost $40 and a ‘swarm’ table is $300. Regular ticket sales will commence on October 15. Visit to get your ticket today!

For more information on this year’s event, visit:

About the Author

Cassandra is a born-and-raised Hamiltonian. She works at the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce as a Project Manager, implementing Magnet in Hamilton. She is a proud alumna of the Communications & Multimedia program at McMaster. She loves rap/hip-hop, vintage clothing, and watercolour painting.