HIVEX Spotlight: Amanda Matfin, Greenteriors

Liz Enriquez
An example of the unique interiorscapes created by the Greenterior team

Amanda Matfin is the Founder of Greenteriors, a company that creatively uses greenery to bring brands to life. These plants are 100% real, naturally preserved and require zero maintenance – they are used to create custom artwork, logos, branding pieces, green walls, floral walls, etc.

We sat down to discuss the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, HIVEX 2017, networking and her career track.

Originally from B.C., Amanda moved to the Hamilton area as a child. She chose to work out of Hamilton because it’s an evolving city that is embracing the entrepreneurial movement. When doing her market research, she knew that Hamilton would be a strong market for an innovative and unique business like Greenteriors to establish and flourish.

One of the ways Amanda succeeds at her business is through networking and ‘getting out there’. She wasn’t always comfortable in these settings, but through time and practice, she’s honed her skills.

Since the inception of her business, Amanda has had to learn how to network effectively, manage her time and resources and invest in her business by hiring professionals who are experts in their respective craft. Running her own business is not always easy, but it’s worth it to her.

“If you’ve found something you love to do, stick with it,” she says. “It will take a while to pay off financially, but it’s worth it for the personal growth and gratification you’ll get every day.”

I can feel her passion from across the table and she exudes excitement when she talks about her business. She’s addicted to being an entrepreneur, especially in Hamilton. As Hamilton continues to thrive as a city, Greenteriors hopes to partner with BIAs and businesses around the city so they can set themselves apart!

Amanda loves how there are so many opportunities for entrepreneurs in Hamilton. In fact, HIVEX 2016 was one of the first networking events she attended when she started her business and it was incredibly motivating. She met a lot of encouraging individuals at last year's event that gave her the confidence to keep going. She was hesitant with launching such a unique concept in Hamilton, but one year later, through persistence and initiative, Amanda’s work will be featured at HIVEX.

Look for Amanda at HIVEX 2017 and check out the living wall at the event for an amazingly unique photo wall.

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