It Takes a Village - Learning, Adapting and Moving Forward

Victoria Owen

Calling all young professionals!  Hamilton Hive’s YP Week is happening next week from May 19-22. This year’s theme, It takes a village - learning, adapting and moving forward, is based on the power of community and working together. With YP Week quickly approaching, we would like to introduce some of our speakers. See below to learn more.


Chris Wilson

Leadership Coach and owner of  Simplify Your Why and Shift And Simplify

Chris Wilson is a certified professional coach and energy-leadership master practitioner.  Chris is the owner of Simplify Your Why, a business dedicated to helping people who are frustrated by feeling like working harder is the only answer. Chris helps purpose-driven professionals and entrepreneurs design a life that provides a simpler, less frustrating way to perform at their best. You can do work you love while also having the freedom to enjoy life.


Chris has also launched Shift And Simplify with Brian Humphrey of Shift Fitness. The goal of the company is to provide busy professionals with a simple plan so they can pursue their lives with greater clarity, purpose, and impact in their community. Shift And Simplify is on a mission to change the way you see personal development and how an investment in yourself creates a ripple-effect in Hamilton.


Dazana Hasan

CV-19 Project at McMaster University


In 2010, Dazana immigrated to Canada from Bangladesh with an interest in learning more about technology and potential capabilities. Currently enrolled at McMaster University in Automation Engineering Technology, Dazana is part of a team working to help combat COVID-19. Danza is working to build a non-invasive ventilation system, which can be deployed to frontline health care workers in need.


In addition to the ventilator project, Dazana is busy working on a variety of other projects including 3D printing face shields and researching/preparing correct procedure and documentation regarding face masks and sanitizer for people in the community. Recently, Dazana has gotten involved in designing a reusable N95 respirator cartridge. She will start to work on this project in the upcoming weeks.

Sanil Singh

CV-19 Project at McMaster University


Currently enrolled at McMaster University in Automation Engineering Technology, Sanil has spent a fair amount of time learning how to excel in the emerging industries throughout North America. Sanil is a Student Researcher at McMaster University and is currently on a team working to help combat COVID-19. Sanil is part of the Supply Chain Team & Expiratory Exhaust and Filtering Team where he is working with other students/faculty to develop and test a ventilator prototype, which can then be deployed to frontline health care workers in need. 



Hamilton Public Library’s LYP Group

The City of Hamilton Library Young Professionals are the YPs working for The Hamilton Public Library, planning community events and ensuring that the library is an accessible community hub for all Hamilton YPs. The HPL is here to provide YP’s and the public a variety of resources. You can search their digital collections for eAudiobooks, eBooks, movies, music, Mango Languages, New York Times, PressReader and Tumblebooks. The HPL also offers resources like that are quality courses to complete at home for professional development.

 Don’t have a HPL card? You can sign up for a HPL eCard here.



Don’t miss out on a week of adapting, learning and moving forward with YP’s and businesses in the Hamilton community. Learning to adapt and overcome is essential for moving forward and growing.


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