10 Out of 10 - Effervescence

Mark Visentin

This is a Guest Blog from Mark Visentin, a former NHL player and Effervescent Entrepreneur. Leading up to the STEEL Conference, we'll have a guest blogger write us a piece about each of the Pillars of the conference. Enjoy the following blog about Effervescence, and find out more about the conference here.


Today, I will speak both on my experiences of playing in the NHL, entrepreneurship, and why having an effervescent attitude has helped propel me to do some great things.

To start, I want you to picture yourself finishing a hockey game, you got whacked in the ankle, you’re physically exhausted, and you board the bus/plane to travel through the night. You get to your hotel room at 4am, only to wake up at 7:30am to make it to practice. You’re still tired, aches and pains from last night’s game have caught up with you, and now it’s time to get back at it. Not to mention, you’ve travelled through three time zones so far on your 12 day road trip. To me, this doesn’t sound like the most ideal situation where one would show up the next morning feeling jolly and energetic. Some people do, some people don’t. Coffee helps, but from my experiences, mindset is key. I realized that I had a choice to make - I can show up to the arena and mope around, or I can be chipper and enjoy my time around my teammates.

One year, I came up with a new mental routine. Whenever someone asked me how I was doing in the morning, I simply answered “10 out of 10”… usually, it made people laugh. But really, over time, I was convincing my mind that no matter how tired I was, it didn’t have to affect my attitude and behaviour. A small boost of humour went a long way regarding my mood in the morning. Instead of focusing on the negative, I used positivity to start my day.

My point; tell people you’re feeling 10 out of 10, even if you’re really feeling like a 4. I promised myself I would arrive at the arena every day with the best attitude possible. You have the power to dictate your thoughts. One thing I like to tell myself is that I can “take advantage of my thoughts or be taken advantage of.” I promised myself I would do my best to approach each of my mornings with positivity no matter how tired I was.

Since transitioning from hockey to business, I’ve learned that business never sleeps. Over the past 8 months, I’ve been building a beverage brand. I’ve had to consciously ensure I stay positive through the ups and downs of the process. Market conditions move fast which forces quick changes to parts of the business to maintain growth. With this, roadblocks can occur unexpectedly. It creates spontaneous challenges that I either choose to meet head on, or walk away from. When I feel like giving up, I remember the promise I kept to myself about positivity and I also remember this next one:

One day, I hope to have kids. When I do, they are going to ask about my life story. Think about it like this, what you choose to do today, dictates the story you get to tell your kids in the future. Today, choose the story that you want to tell.