Top 5: Things To Do Before Buying A Home

Liz Enriquez

As a young professional, home ownership might be a goal of yours. Though it can seem unrealistic considering the booming real estate market, the anticipated interest rate increases, and the new 'stress tests' – with planning, finances in order and some luck, owning your own home could be the best choice.

If you're thinking you're far away from buying a house - that's fine! Planning far in advance will save you so much trouble down the line.

Here are 5 tips to home buying in Hamilton and when you should start thinking about the key milestones involved:

1. Start saving in your TFSA or RRSP (if you’re a first time home-buyer, an RRSP may benefit you)
Start doing this 5-7 years before house purchase.

2. Use your credit card wisely to build your credit score
Start doing this 5-7 years before house purchase

3. Consider areas you want to live in and start looking at house prices to get a sense of how much money you should have saved
Start doing this 2-3 years before house purchase.

4. Gather your information for a mortgage pre-approval (letter of employment, income tax statement, proof of finance etc.)
Start doing this 1-2 years before house purchase.

5. Connect with a financial institution, an agent, lawyers and insurance professionals that you will use when you purchase your home
Start doing this during the house-hunting phase.

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