Trivia, Mingle & Meet Our Member Groups

Cassandra D'Ambrosio

Join us on Tuesday, May 15 for Day 2 of YP Week 2018!

A busy, healthy hive requires the collective efforts of many to ensure it has a strong structure and runs effectively. The Hamilton HIVE is no different. The hexagons of our HIVE are constructed by the dynamic and diverse contributions of our 22 Member Groups – a collection of not-for-profit groups from a range of fields.

As a part of YP Week 2018 (May 14-18), you’ll have the chance to meet some of the key individuals who represent our Member Groups. We’re meeting up at Southern Smoke Barbecue House on May 15 for Trivia Night, where you can team up with fellow young professionals and test your trivial knowledge. It will be a fun night filled with mingling and eating delicious BBQ!

So, what’s a Member Group?

Each of these Member Groups is run by local Hamiltonians, entirely on a volunteer basis. These individuals dedicate their time to put on events and offer programming for their respective audiences. Some of them also play a key role on HIVE’s Board, the governance of our organization.

HIVE’s responsibility in the partnership with our Member Groups is to promote and support young professionals through the initiatives they host year after year. Ultimately, these groups help us expand the reach and relevance of the Hamilton HIVE brand.

What do these Member Groups focus on?

Global Hamilton Connect (GHC): Their mission is to enable international students and young newcomers to be fully aware of and have access to opportunities in order to live, work, and play in Hamilton.

Hamilton-Halton Construction Association Young Leaders Group (HHCA YLG): This group provides a forum where the emerging generation of business leaders in the construction industry can get together and foster social and educational connections for the future.

Hamilton Sustainability Professionals Network (Hamilton SPN): This group is made up of dedicated young professionals who have expertise in some aspect of sustainability – and are committed to building a more sustainable future for the Hamilton community.

Innovation Factory (iF): A not-for-profit Regional Innovation Centre funded by the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs and located in Hamilton, Ontario. They help entrepreneurs start, grow, and succeed.

Young Architects of Hamilton (YAH). Their focus is to represent and promote the young and aspiring members of the architectural community in Hamilton. As well as to engage with the city at large by organizing events that educate the public about Hamilton’s bright architectural future.

Young Entrepreneurs & Professionals (YEP). A division of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, this group is highly focused on the professional development of its members. They host active networking events and host key leaders in Hamilton at their bi-monthly breakfast meetings.

How can I get involved with a Member Group?

Learn more about our full roster of 22 Member Groups by clicking here. If you’re interested in one or more of the organizations, the best representative to contact is listed.

Register for our Trivia & Mingle: Meet our Member Groups event on May 15 during YP Week! You’ll get the chance to talk to some of the key reps from each organization. The event is free but does require registration here.

About the Author

Cassandra is a born-and-raised Hamiltonian. She works at the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce as a Project Manager, implementing Magnet in Hamilton. She is a proud alumna of the Communications & Multimedia program at McMaster. She loves rap/hip-hop, vintage clothing, and watercolour painting.