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Welcome to the Hive!

At Hamilton Hive, we are a non-profit organization passionate about empowering young professionals and emerging leaders to reach their full potential. We are on a mission to engage, connect, and empower individuals in our community by focusing on entrepreneurship, professional development, and networking.

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What does the Hive do?

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We Listen

We prioritize community input by involving young emerging professionals in the entrepreneurship scene and ensuring we are providing them with the resources and tools that will lead to their success.

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We Learn

As a diverse group of members from a wide variety of fields, we actively learn from each other. By enhancing our knowledge, we ensure effectiveness in our initiatives to help you grow professionally.

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We Connect

We facilitate connection among community members through various networking events, workshops, and online platforms. It is our aim to promote collaboration and mutual growth.

Hamilton HIVE has been working towards building an empowered and engaged Young Professional community in Hamilton since forming in 2010. Today, Hamilton HIVE is the largest network dedicated to serving Hamilton’s young professionals. By working with various partners such as the Hamilton Public Library (HPL) and York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (YEDI) we strive to provide the necessary resources, skills training, industry insights, and career guidance needed for individuals to achieve their full potential.

Our Vision

Our vision at Hamilton Hive is to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of empowered entrepreneurs and professionals who drive innovation and growth. We envision a community where tailored guidance and mentorship transform innovative ideas into impactful ventures, where individuals are able to reshape industries, communities, and beyond.

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Our Mission 

At Hamilton Hive, our mission is to empower and nurture aspiring entrepreneurs by providing tailored programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities that guide them through every stage of their entrepreneurial journey.



Our Executive team is comprised of Young Professionals passionate about building up other Young Professionals through events, programming, professional development and networking. The Hamilton HIVE Executive is happy to be able to support all our member groups and the Young Professionals that comprise them.

Our Partners

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