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Entrepreneurship Development

Welcome to our career development resource, designed to help professionals at all stages of their career journey. Whether you're just starting out in your career, looking to switch paths, or seeking advancement opportunities, we're here to support you.


Entrepreneurship is the embodiment of innovation and risk-taking. It involves identifying opportunities, creating ventures, and assuming responsibility for their success. Hamilton Hive provides individuals with opportunities to further their vision. Our podcast, Buzz Worthy, strives to motivate greatness by telling stories of entrepreneurs who overcome obstacles using unique tactics. Entrepreneurs possess drive, determination, and resilience to navigate challenges. Hamilton Hive aims to connect and inspire up-and-coming entrepreneurs to not only reach their goal but to exceed it.

We are partnered with the York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (YEDI) to help individuals reach their full academic and professional goals. At YEDI, the focus is to remove barriers to create a diverse and vibrant culture that enables participants to realize their full potential regardless of economic or social background. They provide their students with tuition-free tools, training, education, resources, and mentorship that nurtures the seeds of transformation, ensuring they make their programs accessible around the world.

YEDI's Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management Diploma Program

Discover the Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management Diploma Program offered by YEDI: In today’s robust business ecosystem, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and their employees need the tools and education to survive and thrive. This program draws on the Institute’s long-standing track record of accelerating successful ventures to bring a complete curriculum specifically created to meet the needs and challenges of entrepreneurs.

With high-level connections and specialized courses, this program gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to personalize their learning experience while leveraging connections with industry-leading experts. Program instructors are world-renowned entrepreneurs and academics with extensive practical experience.

YEDI’s Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management program may be a pathway to Master’s degrees in different universities around the globe. Please contact YEDI for details if you want to further your education abroad.

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Skill Development

LinkedIn Learning courses are designed to help you develop new skills or improve existing ones

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Career Advancement

By gaining new skills and knowledge, you can become more valuable to your employer or potential employers.



Many LinkedIn Learning courses offer certifications that you can add to your LinkedIn profile or resume.


Career Development

You can find courses that help you improve your personal skills, such as time management, communication, or mindfulness.

Linkedin Learning Courses
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Interview Prepration

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Resume Builder

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Artificial Intelligence

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Programming Foundations

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