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Buzz Worthy

Buzz Worthy is a Hamilton Hive podcast about entrepreneurship, people, and projects from our back yards. We want to inspire greatness by telling stories of people that are solving problems in their own unique ways.


“Our city is buzzing with Innovation and creativity that is changing the world one entrepreneur at a time. This podcast will tell the stories of entrepreneur’s lives and the businesses they have built or building. Our guests are sharing their journey in an organic conversation with our host that starts from their initial inspiration, zooming in on the problem and looking to the future. We hope to reflect, share nuggets of wisdom and laugh a little about the not-so-funny moments that have happened.”


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Are you an expert in your field with a passion for sharing your knowledge and insights with others? Do you have a unique perspective on a topic that would make for an interesting conversation? Consider becoming a podcast guest!


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Meet the Talented Hamilton Hive Podcast Team!
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