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Hamilton Hive

The Largest Young Professional Organization In The Golden Horseshoe

3 Pillars of Hamilton Hive

We focus on 3 areas to help expand and enrich your professional skillset. 

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Professional Development

Networking & Conferences

Entrepreneurship is the embodiment of innovation and risk-taking. It involves identifying opportunities, creating ventures, and assuming the responsibility for their success. Hamilton Hive provides individuals with opportunities to further their vision. Our podcast, Buzz Worthy, strives to motivate greatness by telling stories of entrepreneurs who overcome obstacles using unique tactics. Entrepreneurs possess drive, determination, and resilience to navigate challenges. Hamilton Hive aims to connect and inspire up-and-coming entrepreneurs to not only reach their goal, but to exceed it. 

An individual’s career is a continuous journey of enhancing skills, knowledge, and expertise. It involves acquiring new competencies, and honing existing ones. In collaboration with the Hamilton Public Library (HPL) Hamilton Hive has curated specialized courses with the use of LinkedIn Learning. We are committed to investing in professional development by providing access to resources, and helping individuals empower themselves to thrive in their careers and achieve their professional goals.

Networking is about bringing together and connecting entrepreneurs, professionals, and community. We ensure we collaborate with industry experts and provide invaluable opportunities for professionals to connect, collaborate, and learn from others in their field during our quarterly Hive Connect events. By building with us you will be able to expand your network, gain insights from experts, and exchange ideas, while fostering personal and professional growth. 

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Grow your skills for free!

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Our Partners

"Add a testimonial that a happy customer or client has said about working with you."

Amanda Johns, COO, HORIZON

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